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Well Drilling

Well Drilling in the Lehigh Valley PA | R.H. Odenheimer Company
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Well Drilling

We are a water well drilling company founded in and serving the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. For nearly a century, Odenheimer Co. has been drilling water wells for homes and businesses in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas.

Well Drilling in the Lehigh Valley PA | R.H. Odenheimer Company

Our Lehigh Valley, PA Area Water Well Drilling Services

The Odenheimer Co. office has kept meticulous records of all wells drilled and serviced in the Lehigh Valley area since the early 1940's, allowing us the ability to confidently service your well or water system and provide accurate information for new or replacement wells on your property.

We provide Air Rotary Drilling in the following markets for our Lehigh Valley area customers:

We have experience with well drilling for large scale projects in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas, including geothermal drilling, injection wells, solar farms, and anode holes. We also drill wells for many local municipalities and continue to bid on new proposed sites.

We work closely with the DEP to meet state requirements and rigorous testing standards, and we collaborate with engineering firms on large scale well drilling projects in the Lehigh Valley PA area, including warehouses, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, and educational institutions.

Well Drilling in the Lehigh Valley PA | R.H. Odenheimer Company

Building a New Home?

Building a home can be stressful, but the team at Odenheimer Co. is here to walk you through the process for your Lehigh Valley, PA area well drilling project. Many homeowners, and even some home builders, are familiar with city water systems and may not have as much experience with a well water system.

Odenheimer will work closely with you to understand your unique water needs, and develop a well and water system plan to meet them. We will provide a customized estimate based on your new home's location and our 85-year collection of well records.

The depth of the well is proportional to the amount of water available as well as each individual customer's needs. The Lehigh Valley has a large variation in geologic formations, so the well depth will be specific to your property. Odenheimer Co. will use both in-house and state records to estimate your well's approximate depth.

Well Drilling in the Lehigh Valley PA | R.H. Odenheimer Company


The necessity to obtain a permit is dependent on the location of your property. Most locations in Bucks County, PA and areas south of the Lehigh Valley will require a permit. Select areas in the Lehigh Valley area will need a permit, but the team at Odenheimer Co. will assist you in all stages of the permitting process.


Odenheimer Co. has grouted all new wells in the Lehigh Valley area since 2019 as a standard practice. We perform grouting operations on each well to NGWA and PGWA recommended best practices. We highly recommend all modern wells be grouted to protect against the risk of contamination.

Well Not Producing Enough Water?

Odenheimer Co. will determine the depth of your well and the amount of water being produced.

In some cases, we may be able to deepen the existing well on your Lehigh Valley area property to allow for greater water output.

In other cases, the well may require hydrofracking, a process in which high pressure water is pumped into the wellbore to open water veins that have been closed off and allow additional water flow for greater output.

Finally, it may be necessary to drill a second well and install a system in which water output is generated from both wells and switched as needed.

Well Drilling in the Lehigh Valley PA | R.H. Odenheimer Company

Well Abandonment

Odenheimer Co. provides well abandonment and decommissioning services for Lehigh Valley PA area residential, commercial and municipal projects. Examples include new businesses occupying land with existing but unused wells, and public water systems seeking to eliminate excess wells.

Wells are abandoned when there is a risk for contamination due to being unused or improperly sealed. Some municipalities in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas limit the number of wells that can exist on a property, so excess wells may require abandonment. In commercial applications, each well must be permitted and, if not in use, must be abandoned (decommissioned). Odenheimer follows PA DCNR/ PA DEP well abandonment protocols on all projects.

Once located, the well is prepared for abandonment by clearing the borehole of any pumps, pipes, wiring or naturally occurring obstructions. The well is then filled in through a process known as grouting. Various materials may be used in the grouting process, including bentonite chips or slurry.

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